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I have loved animals all of my life. I have rescued many dogs and I sincerely care for these creatures and sometimes I feel like I am their advocate. I donate time to grooming rescued cocker spaniels through the OBG Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Northern Virginia. I am proud of the fact that I work with a lot of mistreated and abused animals who especially need a lot of tender loving care. I currently have a dog of my own.

I was formally trained (an intensive 600-hour course) at the Virginia School of Pet Grooming in Manassas,

Virginia and received my certification in August of 2003. After months of professional instruction on all types of dogs, I felt very qualified to beautifully groom any breed and size of dog. Several months later, I received my official business license from the state of Virginia for Lewie’s Professional Grooming.

My work has been recognized to the point where I was invited to participate in the National Geographic “Dog Days” Exhibition in Washington, DC (I was the only “mobile groomer” so invited). I have also been recommended by several veterinarians in the Northern Virginia area.

BTW, I thought I was going to have a hernia operation which would suspend my grooming activities for a while, but good news - the operation's been postponed. My doctor says I have to lose a few more pounds before they can fix me up, so for the near term, everything's fine - keep your doggies coming!

My beloved "Spooky"
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