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  • Lucy McFaul (Wednesday, December 31 08 02:58 am EST)

    A satisfied customer!
    Hello Lewie,

    I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you service. Our two cockapoos always come out looking great and they really seem to enjoy your TLC.

    We're sure glad we found you!


    Lucy McFaul

  • The Shellys (Friday, January 02 09 02:49 am EST)

    Our Two Cockers
    When we first brought home our adopted 6 year old dog we could hardly recognize the dog as a cocker due to severe matting and overgrowth from neglect of his previous owner. Lewie came out to our home within 48 hours of our distress call and worked miracles. Our new cocker enjoyed a meticulous grooming and is now a handsome and happier fellow.

    We were so delighted with Lewie we asked him to attempt to groom our other very frightened cocker. Lewie was able to groom our Buddy despite previous failed attempts from PetSmart and Petco.

    We highly recommend Lewie for any grooming service you have. He offers quality, professional grooming for a very reasonable price.

  • Lorraine Ramos (Monday, January 05 09 09:40 pm EST)

    Pearl's Grooming
    Pearl is a two-year old very active Minature Poodle/Jack Russell Terrier mix. She's constantly in motion. I know she doesn't like getting groomed but she always greets Lewis with a wagging tail. The end result is always an adorable, sweet-smelling, clean and well-groomed pooch. I'm happy. I don't know about Pearl but since her tail is still wagging I think she's happy, too.

  • Janet Fortson (Monday, January 05 09 11:10 pm EST)

    1.5 years ago I opened the yellow pages and chose Lewie's Grooming for our awesome little Bud. To be honest, I chose Lewie's b/c of his ad, which didn't list by price, like a buffett, every service. When I talked to Lewie, he said that everything, EVERYTHING, was included in his quoted price. As luck, and fortune would have it, I chose correctly. Not only is Lewie very professional and knowledgable, but he tries extremely hard to work with your schedule to get your pet groomed. Buddy, our Cocker, loves Lewie! That in itself is a true blessing considering the guilt trip our little pups give us when it's bath time. Posted on January 06, 2009 at 10:34 AM by Janet Fortson

  • The Joneses (Wednesday, January 14 09 04:38 am EST)

    Grooming for blind dog
    When our original groomer went out of business, we received a card from Lewie offering grooming; we contacted him and have been so happy with his service. Our rescue dog, Chloe, is a trusting, social maltese shih tzu mix, but over the last 18 mos has lost her sight due to a degenerative, noncurable eye disease and lost her hearing also. She gets frightened outside her normal environment, but we have seen how she responds to Lewie and trusts him by placing her head directly into his hand when he's grooming her head. We are so happy with her trust in Lewie that we can't think of having her groomed by anyone other than him. She looks so lovely when Lewie is finished grooming and she is a happy little girl after being groomed.

  • Susan (Thursday, January 22 09 03:33 am EST)

    Lewie delivers caring service
    Lewie has been grooming my poodles for several years. My standard poodle had many health issues and special needs before she passed away. Lewie was wonderful and handled her with compassionate hands. My minature poodles are bundels of energy, but Lewie always has them looking very handsome. I have found Lewie to be honest, responsible and personable. He is a big guy with an even bigger heart.

  • Liz Butler (Tuesday, March 17 09 06:36 am EDT)

    Lewie's The Best!
    Your services are excellent and we're so happy to have found you! We tried many different groomers on Steeley before finding you and your services are the best by far. You always do an excellent job and Steeley is always happy to see you. Thank you for all of the time and care you put into our sweet pup!
    Liz %26 Rhett

  • Susan and Steve Slye (Friday, March 20 09 09:42 pm EDT)

    wonderful service
    Dear Lewie,
    As your official 2nd customer, we want you to know how much we appreciate your services. Pippin and Gracie are always excited to see you. You won shy little Gracie's heart very quickly! They were not happy to be groomed until they met you. Your gentle manner with them has been wonderful.
    We are so happy that you care for our pets.
    Thank you!

  • Pam Dettelbach (Sunday, May 24 09 12:19 am EDT)

    Tobey's always happy when Lewie comes to pay him a visit. He's thrilled at the treatment he gets and how handsome he is afterwards. It is tough being a male papillon!

  • Michelle Shapiro (Thursday, September 24 09 05:14 am EDT)

    Lewie's the Best!
    I hated taking my Lhasa Poo to the groomer's. He was terrified of that place. I decided to have a groomer come to us. I'm glad we chose Lewie. It has been a great experience. Lewie is a nice, friendly guy and my dog isn't afraid of him at all. He grooms "Chewie" beautifully. Lewie will groom your dog however you wish. His prices are reasonable and worth every cent not to have to go through the trauma of going to the groomer. I highly recommed Lewie. He will be my groomer for as long as he wants!

  • Anna Fabre (Tuesday, September 29 09 08:34 pm EDT)

    Rusty and Hope
    Lewis is fantastic at what he does. He is not only very professional and completely trustworthy but more importantly you can tell he genuinely cares about the animals he is grooming. Lewis has provided exceptional service in grooming my dogs Rusty and Hope and has done a wonderful job and I highly recommend his services

  • Julika Smith (Monday, January 25 10 06:39 am EST)

    Thank you!
    Dear Lewie, glad you made it through with flying colors. Just want to thank you again for taking care of our 16-year old Bichon Frisee, Max. Max misses you and wishes you a speedy recovery :-) You have been a true God-send because nobody could groom our little old Max due to a bad experience when he was a puppy. He was miserable with lots of mats when you first saw him, but you knew exactly what to do, and it is apparent that Max appreciates your tender loving care. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Max's Mom.

  • Alex Gorny (Monday, March 29 10 03:58 am EDT)

    Kudos to "Uncle Lewie"
    Mr. Colquitt (“Uncle” Lewie) has been grooming my pets since early 2006. Initially I contacted him to groom my two pets – Max (a Poodle mix) and Molly (a Bichon Frise) because Max had undergone cancer treatments and was weak, and Molly was somewhat fearful and high strung. Neither breed of dog is easy to groom under the best of circumstances, and with both of these animals there were the several special considerations.

    Both of the pets were always well behaved and more relaxed when being groomed by Lewie, and I think the fact that they were being groomed close to home and together in comfortable surroundings made the stress of the process much easier.

    Lewie always went “above and beyond” to work carefully with the two dogs. And both always came back into the home surroundings looking GREAT and acting more relaxed than with traditional “drop-off” grooming appointments.

    Lewie also is always very aware of and in-tune with the toll bad weather can take on grooming an animal, and he has suggested a postponement in several instances when lightening and thunder were expected – which could frighten the animal(s).

    Both Max and Molly have passed on. Before Max passed away a new “Brother” came along – Griffin, a much younger male Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (PBGV). Griffin had been abandoned at a shelter, and then spent months in several foster homes before joining the family. He was a somewhat fearful dog – who needed time and some extra TLC to assure him that this would be his “Forever Home.”

    Lewie has always taken the time to be patient with Griffin, and he always comes back from his grooming session looking great and feeling refreshed. Once again, Lewie not only does an excellent job of grooming the dog to look like “Best of Breed”; he also shows how much he loves his work and gives of himself to bring out the best in each pet.

    In sum, I highly recommend Lewie and the grooming services he provides. He is very respectful of the special needs of pets -- some of whom may be fearful or high strung or just getting shaky as the years chip away at their lives and their strength. He also is very flexible in scheduling appointments, and will try his best to accommodate both the needs of the client and the grooming needs of the pet.

  • Ashley (Saturday, May 07 11 09:48 pm EDT)

    Lewie's grooming is the best!
    Lewie has been grooming my cocker spaniel, Stella, for about a year now, and she will never go anywhere else! Lewie knows just how to handle Stella and gives her a perfect cut every time. Stella has a little bit of anxiety issues, and I worry about her not having that "special" care with other groomers. Not with Lewie...I know that she is taken good care of while being groomed. You can really see how Lewie cares for his clients and goes the extra step to give excellent service. I would recommend Lewie to anyone!

  • Bone and Lisa Sheehan (Sunday, August 05 12 07:31 pm EDT)

    Great service
    I have been extemely impressed with the customer friendly and "convenient" service that Lewie provides to us and our 4 German Sheperds. We appreciate his flexibility to work around our busy schedule. Our dogs range from age 1 to 13 and Lewie caters specifically to each of our dog's needs and physical limitations. My husband and I are happy and most of all, our dogs are happy.

  • Donna Wheeler (Sunday, August 26 12 10:47 pm EDT)

    Cat groomimg
    A big thank you to C.J.! He did an excellent clip on my cat Luna. She looks beautiful and feels like velvet. We will definitely have you groom her again.

    It is wonderful and refreshing to patronize a professional and friendly business.

  • Terri and Jim Scullen (Wednesday, September 12 12 03:02 am EDT)

    New Groomer, C.J.
    Our dogs - a Westie and two King Charles Cavaliers - have been receiving wonderful haircuts from Lewie for years. Now Lewie has added another groomer, C.J., who has the same patient manner with the dogs and grooming skills as Lewie. C.J. was here yesterday for the first time and he easily won over the Westie, who can be cranky, and the smaller Cavalier, who is the nervous type. All three dogs looked great, and while I missed Lewie (hi Lewie!) C.J. is also personable and professional. A good addition to Lewie's conscientious service.

  • Pearl My mom's name is Lorraine Ramos) (Wednesday, September 12 12 04:14 am EDT)

    CJ's Grooming --
    CJ, who is Lewis' new groomer gave me a nice bath and clipped my coat so I look pretty again. He trimmed my long lashes so I can see all my treats. My ears were cleaned and then trimmed so I can hear my human mom when she calls. I have her trained so she comes to me (most of the time), but I let her think I'm an obedient pooch. But back to business: Thank you, CJ, for making me a pretty dog again. I don't really care about the "clean" part of it, but my mom does and since she has all the treats, I have to settle for clean and pretty. See you next month, CJ. Pearl

  • Chloe (Wednesday, September 12 12 10:19 pm EDT)

    Chloe's grooming experience
    Lewie is great! Chloe looks so adorable! He was very patient, prompt, considerate and understanding. Chloe, my 7 yr old mini-schnoodle has been suffering with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and has had a knee operation (patilla). With all the procedures she's had and since losing her sister Lucy, she has been showing signs of stress during grooming, thunderstorms and fireworks. Finding a service such as Lewie provides has truly been a relief and joy. She had her first grooming experience last night - she looks great and didn't show signs of any stress from the experience! Lewie was so good with her. His truck is clean and neat and well equipped too. Thank you Lewie for such a positive experience for Chloe and for me and Bob.

  • Charlie's Mom (Monday, October 29 12 10:46 pm EDT)

    Charlie Loves CJ!!
    We needed to find a new groomer and thought mobile was the best route. Our Wheaten Charlie does not need other dogs around him while getting groomed as it is already not his favorite thing in the world. My husband was home when the mobile grooming station showed up. He said that CJ really took time to ask how we wanted Charlie groomed and wanted to make sure we were happy with the results. Boy were we ever. Not only was Charlie so handsome and soft when he was done, he was happy as could be and did not seem to mind his bath/grooming at all.

    I would say CJ and team are definitely a keep. We can't wait to use them again and again.

  • Linda H (Friday, March 01 13 07:38 pm EST)

    This is a special man!
    Called Lewie out of desperation yesterday. We mistakenly let our Maltese get a little too long, and he became terribly matted. Petco wouldn't clip him, and told me I would need to take him to the vet, have him put under so they could shave him close...for hundreds of dollars! I found Lewie's website, from our conversation could tell he loved animals,could handle the situation, and would be kind. I think Buddy could sense this as well, and when Lewie arrived today, Buddy took to him immediately. Buddy looks wonderful, and is much happier. I think experience makes a huge difference, and we will not use anyone but Lewie from now on!!! Highly recommend.

  • Ron Meyer (Friday, September 26 14 08:59 pm EDT)

    Lewie's did a fabulous job with our Springer Spaniel, Lady!!

    They did exactly what we asked, and Lady was so, so happy. We would highly recommend them to anyone in the area. Super convenient and really great people.

    Happy dog, happy life!

  • carol b. (Saturday, November 07 15 12:48 am EST)

    Dog Grooming
    Lewie's Professional Grooming has been coming to my home for the past 4 1/2 years and I have been very pleased with the services provided. My dog is not fond of other dogs which is why I had him come to my home to begin with. The service he provides is so convenient. Just walk your dog out to his van and within an hour you have a professionally groomed dog. I would recommend his services.

  • carol b. (Tuesday, February 16 16 07:47 pm EST)

    Lewie has been grooming my cocker spaniel for five years. I' am pleased with the service he provides. I started using him because my dog is not fond of other dogs which is why I use a mobile grooming service. It's great having Lewie show up at my house and an hour later I have a nice looking dog.

  • Susan (Sunday, April 23 17 02:38 pm EDT)

    Lewis has groomed my dogs for a long time. He is personable and professional and my dogs like him a lot. He always asks if there are any issues that he needs to be mindful of and takes excellent care of the dogs. They look great when he is finished with their grooming.

  • (Sunday, May 21 17 02:12 pm EDT)

    Hi there, You've performed a great job. I'll certainly digg it and personally suggest to my friends.
    I'm confident they'll be benefited from this website.

  • Cindi Potter (Tuesday, April 03 18 04:47 pm EDT)

    Thank You So Much! I am the pet mom to two senior Labradors, both rescue. One age 9, the other age 13 1/2. Mobility is a concern as they age -- and keeping them looking like their beautiful selves. Because of their age and size it is hard to do what needs to be done. I contacted Lewie's Pet Grooming because they were a mobile service. To say I was more than pleased is an understatement. My girls took to Louis immediately. They were treated gently with full respect for and understanding of the special needs of senior pups. Needless to say, my pups were happy and I am thrilled to have found Louie. The girls look beautiful, were totally relaxed and wagged their tails and gave kisses when it was time to go. Thank you have a client for life. And, I will tell everyone I know!

  • Carol F (Thursday, December 06 18 03:45 pm EST)

    Lewie has groomed our dog for 10 + years. He always does a fabulous job. We appreciate Lewie. Thanks for being a great groomer!

  • Stephanie Youngs (Sunday, February 10 19 08:35 am EST)

    When it comes to dog grooming, these guys are the dream team! They pull up to your front door, always on time, take the dogs and they come out looking amazing! Our 2 Shih Tzus are 14 years old and difficult for other groomers to groom. However, these 2 have a very gentle loving spirit that puts our dogs at ease. They also give us helpful tips for health related issues. Don't know what we'd do without them!

  • Joanie Fairley (Sunday, June 16 19 06:37 pm EDT)

    Lewie and Terry make a great team! Lewie answered all of my questions thoroughly before he came out. I was very skeptical because my dog has extreme anxiety issues when at the groomer. I thought I would try a mobile groomer instead. So glad I did. Lewie was prompt, friendly, and very professional. He handled my dog with much care. My dog had a very "pawsitive" experience being groomed curbside at his home. I will be forever Lewie's customer. Wish I had started this much sooner.

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