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Mr. Colquitt has groomed five of our dogs, including:

  • Fefe: a Bichon Frische
  • Lyla: a Silky Terrier
  • Angel: a Coton de Tulear
  • Misha: A Maltese
  • Willie: a Toy Poodle

Each of these dogs has distinctive characteristics and differing personalities and temperments, and, therefore differing grooming needs and requirements. However, Mr. Colquitt manages to capture the essence of each dog and it is displayed in the final result of the grooming process.

Mr. Colquitt manages to combine a true love of dogs, a warm personality, and a professional grooming talent/gift that makes him unique. We find him to be warm and personable, kind and gentle, immensely talanted, open and communicative and punctual.

He initiates his grooming experience by taking a complete history of each dog. He takes his time during this process and gets to know each dog. Also, he asks questions about each of them until he has a large knowledge base. He works with each of the dogs to make sure that their grooming complements their individual breed characteristics. Perhaps the most revealing information we can provide about Mr. Colquitt is that our dogs genuinely like him. They are so excited when they see him. He keeps their anxiety levels lowered and, I believe, they get to maximize the benefits of the grooming experience because he makes the experience pleasant and relaxing for them.

I should mention that each of our dogs has special needs. These needs range from physical issues resulting from heart surgeries and trauma to mental issues due to dementia and old age. Mr. Colqiitt works with each of the dogs and makes sure to compensate for any and all of their individual issues.

We are fortunate that we have found Mr. Colquitt and are very happy with the professionalism that he displays. He listens to our requirements for the dogs and he communicates with us about them. Most importantly, however, is that Mr. Colquitt treats our dogs with dignity and respect. We could not ask for a better person to work on our beloved companions.

Should there be any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Susan D. Rude


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